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Donald Robichaud of FloodLight has a strong sales & marketing background and his knowledge of the internet has helped us to raise our business profile. He helped to define our products and services and create the web copy content for our website.

His knowledge of how the internet works allows for tweaks in the back end of the website and this get us found on the internet and has generated more sales for our company.

FloodLight has also helped us build and implement a marketing plan which is helping us build our business. We thoroughly recommend FloodLight and Donald Robichaud as an essential business resource to both new and established businesses.

Floral Designs by LeeI met Donald Robichaud of Floodlight approximately 5 months ago, and discussed with him my frustrations with my website and internet presence.

My Kelowna business, Floral Designs by Lee, was not being found on the internet at all and I had no idea how to make that happen. I had paid for a website but I was not being located, and I was not receiving any calls for orders.

After hiring FloodLight in early January they were able to get me to the front page of Google for Valentine’s Day Feb 14. I received orders from across Canada and even New Zealand!

FloodLight has helped to raise my profile on the internet and re-work my website. Donald is very knowledgeable and is able to put things in layman's terms so I understand what he's doing. His rates are affordable and I have already made back my investment.

Every week I receive three to four calls that are attributed to my internet presence. If you are struggling with your website and not being found I would definitely recommend Donald Robichaud of FloodLight .

I am so grateful to Donald Robichaud and without his services I would not be where I am today.

Leanne (Lee) Barber - Floral Designs by Lee Kelowna Canada


tlc-energy-solutions-2008-bI started working with Floodlight at the beginning of 2008 after being recommended by a business partner Ken Kunka of Flywheel Building Solutions. I knew I needed some help in a few areas of my business so I engaged with Floodlight.
Floodlight has proven to be a big asset to my company by helping my business relate and speak to my clientele. Donald Robichaud and I get together on a regular basis as I continue to mould my vision for TLC Energy Solutions.
My business gets easier day by day as I set the path for success with the help of Floodlight. I have more confidence and my weakness have become my strengths. It dawned on me today that after every one of our meetings I stand up, out of my office chair and do a Tiger Woods style fist pump. Sounds silly but I do this because at the end of our meetings i feel a real sense of accomplishment and progress with TLC Energy Solutions.

Thanks again for all your Help!

Terry LaurinPresident, TLC Energy Solutions


After 11 years in the financial industry I knew what I needed to do to grow my business … I just didn’t know where to begin.
What Floodlight helped me do was to bring an objective eye to branding my business, devise a marketing plan and hold me accountable to results I achieve.
Being in the financial business we talk a lot about why investing is so important to creating a better life. Dealing with Floodlight is great investment in creating a better business.
Mike Hassard



organizing-helpWhen I started working with FloodLight 2007 my website contained only basic contact information and a brief description of my services.

With Don's help I was able to clarify my services and create a website that truly reflects my business in an easy to navigate and professional manner. His input was instrumental in the initial design and layout.

Now I have a website that is clear, concise, professional and an excellent marketing tool!

Linda Andersson

Organizing Help



I met Donald Robichaud of Floodlight at Kelowna Chamber of Commerce event in the fall of 2007 and within a few days he contacted me to offer his services.
It was clear to me immediately that Donald Robichaud was the real thing, a true professional. I knew right away that he could help me launch my new career as a mortgage broker. While I have a marketing background, Floodlight has been instrumental in helping me develop my marketing communication platform and thanks to them my business is already growing.
If you want to learn great networking skills, just observe Donald Robichaud in a crowd he is not only a great coach with great insights but he clearly practices what he preaches.

Philippe Daigle

Invis Mortgage Broker


Smart Start MealsSmart Start Meals engaged Floodlight in March of 2007, four months after the start of our business. Since that time, Donald Robichaud has been an integral part of my team, assisting in all areas of business development.

Don's style meshes well with Smart Start Meals, and he has taken a keen and vested interest in helping us with our growth. Don is enthusiastic, and understands the demands on a new business owner.

We are closing more sales, larger contracts, and are excited about continuing to work with Floodlight in the future."

Ken Scott - Smart Start Meals

Jerry Dombowsky Hotels and Motels 2008I wanted to expand my business and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to concentrate on one aspect of real estate Hotels and Motels.

We arranged a meeting with FloodLight and discussed the focus and the process required to accomplish my end result.

I have worked with Donald Robichaud for approximately six months. Donald has listened to my concerns and has input a program addressing these issues with a very positive outcome.

We are continuing to work with Donald and the program he installed. Donalds marketing solutions, concepts, ideas, attention to details and listening to what is important to me, have been instrumental in obtaining very positive results.

I would highly recommend Donald Robichaud of FloodLight and the work he does, to further your success in your real estate business venture."

Jerry Dombowsky Premier Hotels and Motels


We hired Floodlight to assist us in re-branding our image, and to better define our products to our potential customers.

As a busy sign shop we needed away to show our potential customers, pictures of our creations and review the many options available in the signage industry.

Our experience over the last year is that we are now getting calls that say " I was looking at your web site and I want a sign like the one you did for...". Less time spent explaining, equals happier, customers, more sales and more profit.

We are very satisfied with the work FloodLight did for us and have recommended them to our customers.

Morgan BorrowmanSpeedpro Signs, Kelowna


shoestring-2009We would like to take this opportunity to express how delighted we are with Donald Robichaud / FloodLight and his extensive sales and marketing techniques. With his wealth of knowledge and experience he has given us the tools that we needed to shape our business into the ongoing success that it is today.

Prior to hiring FloodLight , our marketing strategies were all over the map. We had lots of ideas and created forms and procedures to achieve our many desired marketing goals. When Don came on board he was able to streamline our processes into a simple system that worked! His ideas and advice allowed us to set into motion new techniques that resulted in a definite increase in our business.

We have enjoyed working with Don and his level of professionalism is outstanding. We recommend FloodLight to anyone struggling to get their business off the ground or fine tuning their sales and marketing techniques in order to take their business to the next level.."

Kym M. Tarr

ShoeString Home Staging & Interior Redesign


premier-canadian-propoertiesWe have been working with Donald Robichaud of Floodlight for about a year. Donald has a valuable understanding of the internet and demonstrates how to use it inexpensively to your best advantage.

Donald takes the time to understand your business and helps you to adapt to the new technology.

Donald Robichaud excels at group presentations and can impart cutting edge information in an easy to understand, relaxed manner.

My agents have greatly benefitted from his presentations and his willingness and ability to answer questions.We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship with Donald Robichaud and Floodlight .

Bert Chapman

Managing Broker

Premier Canadian Properties

Kelowna, BC


Donald Robichaud of FloodLight presented at our advisor meetings twice in 2008 and made an immediate impression on both occasions.

His ability to tune in to what our business is about and what is relevant to our advisors was very impressive.As a result, individual advisors have contracted his services to enhance their business.

Donald Robichuad brings years of experience and is leading edge at the same time.I wish we could keep him all to ourselves.Regards

Vivian Hicks

Sales Manager

Sunlife Financial


Liquid Capital Solutions Okanagan is a “Factoring” business that offers financial support to small and medium size businesses based on their Accounts Receivables.

It is a time honoured way to sustain cash flow without incurring further dept. It has been practiced extensively in the major centers with large accounts.

However, I have opened an office in Kelowna to service the Okanagan Valley. I had 29 years experience in sales as a Technical Sales Representative for an International Chemical Distribution Company, Univar Canada.

Being with a large corporation, I had a built in marketing plan, with web sites, mail outs, catalogues, brochures, and a support staff to maintain it. I thought I knew it all about sales.

I soon discovered that I needed a lot of help to start a one man office and to develop a plan to gain business. Fortunately, I was referred to Donald Robichaud at Floodlight .

Donald’s savvy about business marketing touch points and his knowledge of the Kelowna marketplace has been invaluable.

Even though we have covered a lot of topics such as developing websites, blog spots, elevator pitch and newsletters, I have not felt overwhelmed.

Donald’s approach of one hour weekly sessions (with homework) keeps me going forward, but at a comfortable pace.

We have come a long way in four months and from my experience, I would highly recommend Don and Floodlight as a business coach and mentor.

Ron Finch – Liquid Capital



I would like to thank Donald Robichaud of FloodLight .

There is no other Marketing and Branding coach like him in the Okanagan valley with his knowledge and web expertise.

There are many coaches but very few who have practical experience that can be taught easily without coming from a “Franchise Coach in a box system”.

His abilities make him stand out at the top. With his hands on approach he will help you get from Dreaming to Doing.

Sylvia Fleming - World Financial Group

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